Wine industry Art Publishing & Retail

  • Venture ID: 43675
  • Stage of Venture: Start-Up
  • Minimum Funding Sought: (\U \S \D) 150000
  • Maximum Funding Sought: (\U \S \D) 25000
  • Current Enterprise: Traminer: The Art of Wine will create and sell Top 100 Winery bronzes and wine art prints (Posters, Limited Edition lithographs and Artist Remarques). The bronzes and art prints will be created by some of the finest artists in the United States and will be released as a Series Collection. Wine art prints will be developed through the collaboration of the Founding Owner, Edward Charlson, and the hand selected artists for each of the art collections. The Bronzes will retail from $1,200 to $1,500 and the Art Posters, Limited Edition Prints and Artist Remarques will retail between $35 and $1,500.
  • Prospective Venture: Future expansions (winery bronzes) to the chateaus of France, along with the wineries from other wine regions, such as Australia, New Zealand and Italy are anticipated.