production and sale of biodiesel in thailand.Initaial startup 30000 lts per day after 3 years increase to 100000 lts per day

  • Venture ID: 43674
  • Stage of Venture: Start-Up
  • Minimum Funding Sought: (\U \S \D) 1500000
  • Maximum Funding Sought: (\U \S \D) 2000000
  • Current Enterprise: In Thailand the government plans to convert all diesel sold to be a B5 blend by the year 2011.The nodal agencey in charge of biodieselproduction and sale in Thailand is the DEDE.I have already made an application to the DEDE along with my business plan and they have asked me to apply to the Board of Investment in Thailand for permision to set up the factory.Technology has been selected and ready for signing contract.
  • Prospective Venture: On finalising funding i propose to go ahead with setting up the plant. Initial plan of production will be 30000 lts per day.We plan to increse production to 100000 lts per day in the third year .This expansion will be funded by internal accurals. Value addition can be undertaken with further investments .Crude glycerol can be purified sold which can increase revenues from sale of glycerol tenfold. Another avenue of value addition is to extract tocopherols from crude palm oil before conversion to biodiesel.Tocopherols are rich in vitamin E and are widely used in pharmaceutical industry