The overall number of fashion, sportswear and personal care products opportunities in the U.S. and abroad is overwhelming due in part to the condition of the current economic fabric of the markets themselves, baby-boomer population changes, vacation and environmental lifestyles, income levels and other factors that directly or indirectly affect the target global consumer sectors that the company wants to operate within. SenSaSUN’s management team has spent many years in the fashion, clothing and personal ca

  • Venture ID: 43671
  • Stage of Venture: Start-Up
  • Minimum Funding Sought: (\U \S \D) 500000
  • Maximum Funding Sought: (\U \S \D) 250000000
  • Current Enterprise: Thank you for considering this Executive Business Plan that will introduce you to a very special fashion, skin care and personal care products investment opportunity. The company, SenSaSUN, LLC, has designed a complete line of men’s and women’s resort and swimwear, women’s golf sportswear and apparel. It will complement its fashion and apparel offerings with an innovative skin and personal care product line. SenSaSUN wants to position itself as a premier fashion designer, manufacturer, distributor and retailer of its full fashion and product line around the world. The Company’s marketing efforts will come from fashion and personal care shows, direct marketing, industry mailings and global access to new and existing clients through our internet web store while providing significant returns on investment for our private real estate investors. As President and CEO of SenSaSUN, LLC, I have the vision and aspiration to build a successful company with a superior management team having the ability to develop, organize and grow itself into the global fashion and consumer products market. The company also looks to expand beyond distribution by manufacturing an anti-aging formula and line of personal “crack-pack” lotions and skin care products in our west-coast facilities. The major challenge the company now faces is securing private investment funding of $2,500,000 via the accompanying Private Placement Offering in meeting the company’s primary term objectives over the next three years. The company’s management team and Business Development Consultant have prepared the enclosed strategic and financial documentation that you will need to read prior to making your decision in becoming an investor in the company. Our fully committed investment goal during our Private Placement funding is $2,500,000 dollars with detailed Use of Invested Funds details to be found on page 16. The minimum investment is $25,000 (twenty-five thousand dollars). SenSaSUN, LLC, through this Executive Summary and Private Funding Request is seeking to find private funding sources willing to invest in our proposed fashion, skin care and personal care “snap-pak” product lines. As you will see in the enclosed documentation, proceeds from the accompanying Private Placement Memorandum will be used to execute our full Business Plan and operate a successful fashion design, manufacturing and distribution business. We now have an unparalleled opportunity to take advantage of the wide-open resort fashion and swimwear market, the women’s golf sportswear market, the skin anti-aging market and the portable “snap-pak” personal care products market. Our mission and commitment through this Business Plan and Private offering is to see this vision come to a reality for the company and its investors.
  • Prospective Venture: Distinct Competitive Advantages The goals in outperforming existing competitors and attracting new customers take leadership and good management. No matter how well strategy is conceived and executed, unless individual patrons or families want to purchase fashions, skin care products and personal care snap paks from SenSaSUN rather than with its competitors, any success it achieves will be short-lived. Capabilities and competencies drive marketplace advantage in a number of ways. “Invisible” competencies, such as the ability to research existing marketplace statistics, and to provide fashion, skin care and personal care products wanted by consumers often give an organization the capacity to detect opportunities and market advantages before they are manifest to other competitors. Other competencies of competitors, such as mindset, infrastructure and internal leadership also need to be redirected towards increasing these marketplace advantages. Winning clients and outperforming competitors can be achieved in two distinct and quite unrelated ways; the first is strategic renovation or renewal, and secondly, strategic invention or reinvention. Organizations have little choice but to renovate their marketplace strategy if they want to stay even marginally ahead of their perceived competition. SenSaSUN will create a strategic renovation by positioning itself as an innovative and aggressive fashion designer and manufacturer of clothing, skin care.