manufacturing of sauces and condiments.

  • Venture ID: 43668
  • Stage of Venture: Early Stage (Other)
  • Minimum Funding Sought: (\J \M \D) 3000000
  • Maximum Funding Sought: (\J \M \D) 5000000
  • Current Enterprise: The company has officially been operating since March of 2006. However the preparation of the factory as well as the aquisition of machinery and local and international regulatory requirements have been sought since mid 2005. We currently sell the products locally and a small amount in the United Srates. We have been requested to supply much larger markets but we need capital in order regularize the cash flow as well as purchase some of the raw materials in larger quantities( jars and bottles). I have been offered much more than I actually need by some venture capitalists but I am not certain of their long term intentions. I am willing to talk because do not want to run the risk of losing a great business oportunity.
  • Prospective Venture: The company has ready markets as well as great prospects. We intend to create a line of no less than 5 products by the end of next year.( We currently have two) We also want to lease a much larger factory space and utilise machinery that gives greater output