Courture Fashion

  • Venture ID: 43551
  • Stage of Venture: Seed
  • Minimum Funding Sought: (\U \S \D) 1000000
  • Maximum Funding Sought: (\U \S \D) 9000000
  • Current Enterprise: Business Summary: I am a haute couture designer. I design one–of-a kind evening dresses with corresponding jewelry & accessories. I designed these gowns with the intention of using only the highest quality material found around the world. My designs are person specific. This means that as an artist, I create an exquisite gown for the individual client. The target clients are celebrities, wealthy persons, those who are in the public spot- light, and those who prefer better made clothing that would not mind the price tag. I design lingerie as well. I have a line for “the every day living” male, which I am interested in expanding to designer clothing and suits made with the same quality and integrity as my haute couture.
  • Prospective Venture: I plan to expand out of the US. I plan to have design locations in Italy/Sicily, Europe, Asia & the Middle East. I plan to be a publicly traded stock. I am offering the investor(s), a small percentage of the company, profit sharing, IPO(s)/stock options. This project promises to be extremely financially lucrative to the investor(s).