List of Ventures

These ventures are currently seeking funding.

Please note: These ventures are seeking funding from serious investors and business angels. Soliciting any other services or commercial business funding will lead to immediate deletion of the the respective "investor's" listing without refund.

Venture IDVentureMinimum Amount SoughtMaximum Amount Sought
43658Sunray Textile Mills480000480000
43657Night club/lounge. In the Hard rock.20000003000000
43656I am a UK cabinet maker by trade. Living in Crete, Greece now, I am looking for additional funding to help me produce unique custom made 'Driftwood' furniture.20005000
43655Provision of Cost effective Information Technology Products and services150000150000
43653Energy. Trade in petroleum products5000002000000
43652Powder Coating Facility3000045000
43650Art Education, Leisure and Recreation5000004500000
43649I'm planning to start 5 Fast Food Restuarants at Mumbai, India. Mumbai is India's busiest and happening city. My fast food joints will consists of cuisines - Vegetarian and Non vegetarian snacks like American, mexican, French, arabic, Indian and Chinese cuisines. 9000001000000
43648Legal and technolgy business. Software products created keeping the legal industry in mind. Area: patents, IP law. Communication software like messenger and net meeting software, document sharing aoftware.200000250000
43645Restaurant, pizzeria in the St. Louis area210000500000
43644Restaurant Franchising and corporate restaurants owned350000010000000
43643Restaurant Franchising and corporate restaurants owned350000010000000
43641Private label Software,Telecommunication,ecommerce, Internet services. Dropshipping1500001000000
43640Specialist Hotel, catering for corporate retreats/planning sessions; private individual esoteric retreats; international cultural clients9000002000000